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Professional Cleaning Services in London

Any area that is frequently used will get to the stage where it requires a thorough clean from top to bottom.  In need of more than just a quick once over of the surfaces with a duster and the carpets with the vacuum cleaner, a professional cleaning company such as us at EJ Cleaning will use specialist equipment to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness.  The cleaning services London we provide include;

Carpet Cleaning

We will use a variety of techniques to clean, maintain and get the carpets in your commercial property looking as good as new. If you feel your carpet is looking old and worn out, rather than purchasing a replacement, an intensive clean could provide the cost effective answer.

One method of carpet cleaning we use here at EJ Cleaning involves the environmentally friendly dry cleaning. Perfect for removing dirt and stains, we can guarantee that your carpet will be dry within 60 minutes therefore causing little disruption to you and your workers daily routine.

Deep Cleaning

Designed specifically for kitchen environments, our deep cleaning service will leave your kitchen clean, fresh and completely germ and bacteria free. Our experienced cleaners use the latest in steam cleaning technology to leave surfaces, units and equipment ready for the healthy preparation of all food.

Window Cleaning

We can work on windows both inside and out to improve the appearance of your whole property by creating a clean and professional finish. The cleaning of windows can add light to any room which will result in a more productive and enjoyable working environment for all staff.

If you have found yourself in need of professional cleaning services London to combat the dirt and mess created from constant everyday use, we at EJ Cleaning are available. We are proud to offer you no-nonsense cleaning solutions that will result in a clean, pleasing to the eye area for people to work.

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